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Here are various pottery tools, the content of this category may change from time to time.  If you have any particular requirements please contact us and we will try to help.

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455 mm Nylon clay cutter

Picture of 455 mm Nylon clay cutter
P7639 Clay cutter

£2.75 (GBP)

5793-WH1 Aluminium whirler

Picture of 5793-WH1 Aluminium whirler
5793-WH1 Aluminium whirler

£43.44 (GBP)

5793-WH1a Cast iron whirler

Picture of 5793-WH1a Cast iron whirler
5793-WH1a Cast iron whirler

£48.84 (GBP)

5829-01H Pottery tool set

Picture of 5829-01H Pottery tool set
5829-01H Pottery tool set

£11.44 (GBP)

5830-06 Sponge on a stick

Picture of 5830-06 Sponge on a stick
5830-06 Sponge on a stick

£8.15 (GBP)

5839-01 Precision applicator

Picture of 5839-01 Precision applicator
Precision applicator set

£22.80 (GBP)

5839-03 Applicator kit

Picture of 5839-03 Applicator kit
Customizable applicator kit
£23.40 (GBP)
£22.67 (GBP)

Beginner's Pottery tool kit

Picture of Beginner's Pottery tool kit
5829-01 Pottery tool kit

£10.74 (GBP)

C39 Clay extruder

Picture of C39 Clay extruder
C39 Clay extruder, hand held

£29.52 (GBP)

C42 Small slip trailer

Picture of C42 Small slip trailer
C42 Small slip trailer

£3.06 (GBP)

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