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Brush on glazes by MAYCO COLORS.

 Mayco manufacture many glazes, the Series 2000 Gloss glazes have been discontinued, although we still have a few left.  They have been replaced by the FOUNDATIONS range. These glazes are non-toxic, hence they are popular with schools. They can be fired to shelf cone 06, (approx 999 degrees C), but can also be fired to cone 6 and higher which will produce a slightly different shade. Glazes are supplied in 473 ml (1 pint) and 113 ml (4 oz) bottles. Prices for 4 oz bottle available on request.

Speciality Glazes - Mayco also produce glazes for special effects - ie the CRYSTALITES, JUNGLE GEMS, CLASSIC CRACKLES, ELEMENTS and ELEMENTS CHUNKIES, COBBLESTONES, GLITTER GLAZES, SNOWFALL. A full colour brochure and price list is available on request.


We will be adding further ranges in due course.  In the meantime please ask for prices.


NOW ADDED - JUNGLE GEMS CRYSTAL GLAZES.  Non-toxic crystal glazes in fantastic colours - they call it Art in a Jar.  The glaze contains small pieces of glass compounds which provide a burst of colour, texture and pattern during the firing process.  Firing is at 999 degrees C, cone 06.  You can fire at a higher temperature but be aware that the end result will be slightly different - worth experimenting!   Simply apply three coats, using a soft fan brush.  There is no need to use a clear glaze on top.  Can be used in combination with other Mayco glazes for decorative effect.  Please note that although these glazes are non-toxic, they are not food safe due to surface issues.  This means that crystal glazes should not be used where food is likely to come into contact with it as food particles can become trapped and lead to bacteria on the piece.

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Jungle Gems CG-707 Woodland Fantasy

Picture of Jungle Gems CG-707 Woodland Fantasy
CG-707 Woodland Fantasy

£7.86 (GBP)

Jungle Gems CG-713 Peacock Green

Picture of Jungle Gems CG-713 Peacock Green
CG-713 Peacock Green

£7.86 (GBP)

Jungle Gems CG-716 Pagoda Green

Picture of Jungle Gems CG-716 Pagoda Green
CG-716 Pagoda Green

£7.86 (GBP)

Jungle Gems CG-717 Pistachio

Picture of Jungle Gems CG-717 Pistachio
CG-717 Pistachia

£7.86 (GBP)

Jungle Gems CG-718 Blue Caprice

Picture of Jungle Gems CG-718 Blue Caprice
CG-718 Blue Caprice

£7.86 (GBP)

Jungle Gems CG-722 Seawind

Picture of Jungle Gems CG-722 Seawind
CG-722 Seawind

£7.86 (GBP)

Jungle Gems CG-750 Noel

Picture of Jungle Gems CG-750 Noel
CG-750 Noel

£7.86 (GBP)

Jungle Gems CG-753 Sassy Orange

Picture of Jungle Gems CG-753 Sassy Orange
CG-753 Sassy Orange

£7.86 (GBP)

Jungle Gems CG-756 Firecracker

Picture of Jungle Gems CG-756 Firecracker
CG-756 Firecracker

£7.86 (GBP)

Jungle Gems CG-768 Purple Sage

Picture of Jungle Gems CG-768 Purple Sage
CG-768 Purple Sage

£7.86 (GBP)

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