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 We are now stocking some Relyef stamps.  These are excellent stamps, in a variety of alphabet and numerical styles, plus shapes such as geometric shapes and natural designs.  Clay texturing tools, so easy to use.

They do not leave lines around the edges, and you can press as hard as you like without leaving any tell tail borders or messy lines.

Easy to use, either by holding the stamp with your fingers, or by using the wooden handle, supplied.

They are eco-friendly products, made from a maize based material.

We love them, and cannot recommend them highly enough.

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20% off Relyef Stamps RR-FlowerSnail-SET

Picture of 20% off Relyef Stamps RR-FlowerSnail-SET
Flower set
£11.76 (GBP)
£9.41 (GBP)

Relyef Stamps RR-15-014-Food

Picture of Relyef Stamps RR-15-014-Food
Stamp for food contact materials

£1.92 (GBP)

Relyef Stamps RR-15-Snowflakes-SET

Picture of Relyef Stamps RR-15-Snowflakes-SET
Small snowflakes set

£11.40 (GBP)

Relyef Stamps RR-15x30-SET

Picture of Relyef Stamps RR-15x30-SET
Set of triangular stamps
£13.20 (GBP)
£10.56 (GBP)

Relyef Stamps RR-30-Marion-IVXLCDM-SET

Picture of Relyef Stamps RR-30-Marion-IVXLCDM-SET
Marion Roman numerals

£23.16 (GBP)

Relyef Stamps RR-30-Snowflakes-SET

Picture of Relyef Stamps RR-30-Snowflakes-SET
Large snowflakes set

£18.60 (GBP)

Relyef Stamps RR-Bees01-SET

Picture of Relyef Stamps RR-Bees01-SET
Bee and honeycomb stamps
£15.00 (GBP)
£12.00 (GBP)

Relyef Stamps RR-Birds01-SET

Picture of Relyef Stamps RR-Birds01-SET
£25.20 (GBP)
£20.16 (GBP)

Relyef Stamps RR-EasterEggs-01-SET

Picture of Relyef Stamps RR-EasterEggs-01-SET
Easter Eggs stamps set
£11.10 (GBP)
£8.88 (GBP)

Relyef Stamps RR-F-Courier-ABC-10-SET

Picture of Relyef Stamps RR-F-Courier-ABC-10-SET
Courier 10 mm alphabet uc set

£38.40 (GBP)

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