Amaco SH-31 Cacao Gloss

Amaco SH-31 Cacao Gloss

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Amaco Shino SH-31 Cacao Gloss, 472 ml

Amaco Shino brush on glazes are influenced by the earthiness of Japanese tea ceremony glazes.  They produce wonderfully varied colours depending on the thickness of the application.  A light application favours the warm rust base; a heavier application results in an opaque colourization.  Textured surfaces enhance this effect. They are 100% mixable, so you can make your own shade.  A traditional high-iron look for any high firing clay body.  Can also be layered with Potters Choice glazes for additional effects.

Mixable colours for customised palette

Food safe

Cone 5

Try layering with  Potters Choice glazes.

See for more combinations

Use a soft fan or hake brush to apply.  Three coats generally - see product label for specific instructions.

Non-toxic and food safe

Safety warning:  tableware producers must test all finished ware to establish dinnerware status, due to possible variations in firing temperature and contamination