Relyef Stamps RR-F-Courier-NUM-4-SET-BOX

Courier 4 mm numeral set

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Courier 4 mm numeral set

Size of each stamp 4 mm high, stored in a handy box

Set comprises 18 stamps, the 6 doubles as the 9, punctuation stamps

Set of numerical stamps for clay contains 

  • 9 stamps of Courier numbers (6 doubles as 9) and 9 stamps of punctuation marks and mathematical symbols made from ecological bioplastics,
  • one wooden rod for better ergonomics of your grasp and instructions.

Clay texture tools make a clear impression without messy lines on the edges and have a graduated angle making for easy cutting into the clay and an easy release.


These pottery stamps are suitable for decorating ceramic claypolymer claymetal clay, and soaps