Shimpo 7004-W3D Whisper RK3D

Shimpo 7004-W3D Whisper RK3D

£1,478.40 (GBP)

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Shimpo RK-3D electric wheel

Very popular make of wheel, responsive, powerful and quiet. Features a brushless DC motor and direct drive (no belt) system. No maintenance required. The motor is electronically controlled and operated by a fixed foot pedal and hand lever. It is reversible, and the steel body is durable under all conditions. Two-piece splash pan with built-in table. 12" light alloy casting wheelhead. Built-in breaker - the motor is protected from overload. Two year warranty.
1/2 HP motor. 0 - 250 rpm wheel speed, which also freewheels to double as a whirler. Overall size 510mm x 530mm x 510mm.
Price includes delivery to UK mainland. For delivery to other areas please contact us.  



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