Shimpo Whisper T

Shimpo W3T Whisper T

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Shimpo W3T Whisper T  Potters Wheel

Economy version of the RK3E: Ideal as a first wheel.  New and improved model.

A very quiet wheel, this is responsive and powerful.  

Features  a brushless DC motor which is smooth, quiet (30 decibels) powerful, and needs no maintenance.  The motor is 300W, AC230V, 50Hz, single phase.  Has an electronic controller -  to maintain speed under all load conditions.  The broad speed range allows optimum speed under all load conditions.  Direction of turning can be reversed  to accommodate right and left-hand users.  The built-in breaker protects the motor from overload. 
Usefully the wheelhead turns freely at 0 RPM so it can be used as a banding wheel.  The speed range is 0 - 250 rpm.  The wheelhead is  300mm/12” diameter, light alloy casting.  Speed is controlled by the remote foot pedal.  Wheelhead direction - clockwise and anti-clockwise - at the touch of a button.

Overall dimension 750mm x 572mm x 580mm max.
Ship weight 53kg.

The splashpan is in two pieces so it can be easily removed for cleaning.

Two Year Warranty


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