Enamelling complete kit - U5 kiln

U5 and kit

£391.20 (GBP)

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Looking for a new hobby? Feeling creative? Then – how about enamelling?

This great craft is gaining popularity, both as a hobby at home and as a craft in schools, colleges and studios. We can supply all you need to start making beautiful jewellery and other decorative items like pill boxes, photo frames, dishes and ashtrays.

For £391.20 + delivery we can supply a new enamelling kiln (the U5 – chamber size 4.75” x 5” x 2.75”) with a starter kit of mesh support, stilt, firing fork, swirling tool, palette knife, sieve, abrasive sponge, tweezers, copper offcuts and shapes, 8 enamel colours, flux, counter enamel, decorating media, pack of enamel transfers, plus technical tips sheets. Please note that contents supplied may vary slightly from the photograph.




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