U15 muffle kiln

U15 muffle kiln

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U15 Enamelling kiln

Max temp 1000°C
Chamber size 130mm x 130mm x 75mm
(5.25” x 5.25” x 3”)
Reaches 800°C in 30 minutes
Weight 6 kg
13 amp

For enamelling you need a working temperature of 700 - 820°C. If you are working on precious metals for long periods, or teaching, and your kiln will reach 1000°C, then we would advise the use of a regulator with indicator and thermocouple, or a controller. The regulator controls the amount of electricity input to the kiln (as a simmerstat on an electric cooker), and the indicator and thermocouple will show you what the temperature inside the kiln is. This avoids overfiring and provides you with precise information. Please see ST222 for details of a suitable controller, which will hold the kiln temperature at any set point.